Onsen, Hot spring bath

Onsen produced by Mount Fuji makes your skin as smooth as silk

Beautiful Mt. Fuji with seasons and abundant onsen with the temperature of 40 degree.
It is natural onsen with 270t for daily amount of discharge.
Alkaline onsen keeps your skin beautiful and has a wide variety of effects.

"Kaiun no yu (fortune onsen)" of the Royal Hotel derive from spring source, unlike meteoric water.
There will not be a new onsen to be registered.
Therefore, hotels with onsen can be considered as a best-kept secret in Kawaguchiko area.

Hot spring bath for Male
Hot spring bath for Male
Hot spring bath for Female
Hot spring bath for Female


There are 3 bathrooms each for ladies and gentlemen; "Mikageishi no uchiyu", "Azumaya style garden bath" and "rock bath" that you can relax under the stadium of stars. You can enjoy onsen being good for your skin with three bathes!!

We maintain water of open-air bathroom in tepid. You can hear sounds of waves lapping against the lakeshore at quiet nights.

Our onsen gives relief to nerve pain and muscle ache, especially for skin care!
Experience the smooth skin after bathing, and refresh your body with the onsen produced by Mount Fuji.

It is recommended for day-trippers. Since private resting rooms (additional fee) are available for day-tripper, you can relax after bath.

Kinds of bathroooms
Large public bath / garden pavilion style bath / open-air rock bathroom

[Hours] Please feel free to contact us for any inquiry.
[Spring Quality] Calcium / sodium-hydrosulfate / sodium chloride (hypotonic, alkaline, thermal)
[Health promotion of bathing] Effective for neuralgia, arthralgia, frozen shoulders, sports paralysis, chronic digestive organs disease, arteriosclerosis, etc.
[Bathroom fixtures] Shampoo, hair-dryer, body soap



Free Wi-Fi is available in all area
Free Internet Connection for your Smartphone and Tablet PC!!
(Free Wi-Fi is available only for hotel guests and day trip visitors.)

Souvenir shop
There are local products and original products for your memory for sale.
Hours 7:00a.m. - 10:00p.m.

Souvenir shop

Rental electric bicycles
Economic friendly on the earth and wallet! Rental bicycles are popular.
Especially on weekends, it is often fully booked.
Please make an inquiry, when you make a reservation on your room.

[Ordinary Price]
Half day (3 hours) / 1,500yen, Whole day / 2,600yen
For who stay overnights in the hotel, it is available on the price below.
Half day / 1000yen, Whole day / 2000yen
*The service is available for who make a reservation on staying plan with 2 meals from our website or phone.

Rental electric bicycles

Other services

Massage (Make an inquiry at the Reception.)

Mah-jongg table, Karaoke, Vending machines, delivery service (We will make an arrangement on your request.)

Credit cards are available
VISA, JCB, American Express, MasterCard, China UnionPay

Parking for 60 cars, Free of charge